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Telon oil is one of  the traditional medicine in the form of  liquid preparations that serves to provide a sense of warmth to the wearer. PT.X is one of the companies that produce telon oil. To maintain the quality of telon oil from PT.X product, required overall quality control that is starting from the quality control of raw materials, quality control process to the quality control of the final product. The purpose of this research is to know the application of Statistical Quality Control (SQC) in controlling the quality of telon oil in PT X. Final product quality become one of the measurement of success of a process, so it needs a good quality control. SQC method used in this research is Pareto Diagram and Cause and Effect Diagram. Pareto diagram is a bar graph that show the problem based on the order of the number of occurrences of the most number of problems until the least happened. A causal diagram is often called a fishbone diagram, a tool for identifying potential causes of an effect or problem. The result of applying the method indicates that 80% defect is caused by unsuitable volume and on the incompatibility of Expired Date (ED) code. The damage is caused by several factors namely the method, labor, and machine while the most potential factor is the volume conformity to reduce the number of defect products.


quality control;statistical quality control; SQC; telon oil


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