Analisis Peluang dan Tantangan Pengembangan Agroindustri Kelapa

Suci Wulandari


The organization as a pool of resources, capabilities and competencies needed to

generate physical products or intangible services which create the competitive advantage. It is

developed by effective management of technical aspects and by learning aspects of the

organization, and also the influence of an effective networking. How these two factors work to

establish value of the organization then effect the degree of competitiveness, is influenced by

how much the assets owned by an organization. This value is categorized into tangible and

intangible assets. Development of coconut-based products shows a meaningful opportunity in

this regard. On the other hand, changes in the global environment have brought changes in the

behavior of consumers and competition conditions. Review of the role, coconut commodities

provides a great role to the economy nationally. Indonesia is a country with the largest area of

coconut production in the world, followed by The Fillippines and India. Exports of coconut

products from Indonesia tended to increase. The size of the role and potential of coconut was

not followed by the performance of the coconut industry. This is shown by the problems

associated with value-added products, linkages, transfer the risks and benefits, the contribution

for the development of rural agro-industry, export value of products, industrial competitiveness

in medium and small agro-industry in the global market and information flow. Optimizing the

value of intangible assets in the system of agro-industry can be improved through the

implementation of Knowledge Management occurred through developing external structure,

internal structure and individual competency. Application of Knowledge Management refers to

the model of two dimensions, namely the process of knowledge creation and innovation, and

elements that enable or influence the activities of knowledge creation. This model is

implemented by using Knowledge Management Roadmap which consists of 10 steps in 4

phases. Through the implementation of Knowledge Management, coconut agroindustry is

expected to become the business units that have optimal value capable of performing

competitiveness. Finally, it will satisfy the consumers through on time delivery product, create

the customer loyalty which in turn increase the sales growth and gain the result in financial

aspects in earning growth


value;competitive advantage;knowledge management; coconut agroindustry



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