Implementasi Knowledge Management dalam Sistem Supply Chain Agroindustri

Evi Savitri Iriani


Knowledge Management (KM) and supply chain is a new approach used by many
companies to create value, increase organizational effectivity and productivity, and
competitiveness. However, this concept is still rarely used in agroindustry. The integration of
KM and supply chain is very important. A supply chain which applies knowledge managemen
system in all the chains will get the final value larger than the total values of all chains, and thus
improve competitiveness f the product. The application of KM is initiated by collecting
information from supply chain system which were then analysed and shared with all of the
components of all chains to support decision making process. A key of success in the
implementation of KM is knowledge sharing among components within the system. Another
important factor is leadership to support the implementation of KM and colaboration with other


Knowledge Management;Supply Chain Management




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