An Analysis of Code Mixing of Javanese People Uses Madurese Language

Bella Pratami Solihin, Mohammad Halili


This research is conducted in order to find code mixing used by Javanese people who used Maduranese language. This study took data between a husband and a wife. This study used qualitative descriptive method by getting the data from the field in Socah. Based on this research, it can be concluded that codemixing possibly occurred because of individual factor; like showing status, role and expertise. But it might be occurred caused by the lack of language element being used. Young children in bilingual or multilingual environments produce utterances that combine elements of both (or all) of their developing languages. This is what happened to Mrs Listijawati Redjeki, she lived in a bilingual environment in which her environment use both Madurese and Javanese in their daily conversation and it affect her to mix those two languages in her daily conversation especially when she was speaking in Bahasa Indonesia.

Keywords : Code Mixing, Javanese People, Maduranese Language

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