An Analysis of Code Switching and Code Mixing in Yowis-Ben 2018 Movie: A Sociolinguistics Study

Devi Sulistyawati


This research is conducted in order to find code switching and code mixing. This study took data in a movie “In Yowis-Ben 2018”.  This study used qualitative descriptive method by getting the data from movie. Based on this research, In the Yowis-Ben movie, the character of bayu was created by the author in a very unique way. Using the regional language as the main language in the movie but also  not  leaving  indoneisan  and  english  language  as  the  second  language.  The  code  mixing  and code switching that appear in bayu’s character  giving new nuances in movie and represent the daily conversation carried out by javanese people. In this case, the people of the malang city. 

Keywords: Gesture, Class Teaching, and Motoric Movement 

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