The Application of Gestures In Class Teaching by Teachers to Students At Carangwulung Elementary School, Wonosalam

Syaikhatun Nisa


This research is conducted in order to find the application of gestures in class teaching. This study took data between teachers and students.  This study used qualitative descriptive method by getting the data from Carangwulum Elementary School, Wonosalam, Jombang. Based on this research, it can be concluded that there are types of gestures used by teachers in teaching methods in the classroom. The use of gestures used by students has a positive impact on students, including students     being able to improve motoric movements in students, making it easier to receive material, increasing student interest in learning, and making the class more active and interactive. Therefore, the importance of a teacher using gesture. Besides having an impact on students, it also makes class fun.


Keywords: Gesture, Class Teaching, and Motoric Movement

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