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The aims of the experiment were to study the effect of Compound Biofertilizer (CB) and Rock Phosphate (RP) on the several soil chemistry properties of Andisols as well as the P-uptake by lettuce. The research had been conducted in the greenhouse of Agriculture Faculty, Unsoed at Karangreja, Purbalingga, since May up to August, 2009. The experiment was arranged in factorial 4 x 4 based on Completely Block Randomyzed Design with three replications. The firsrt factor was the concentration of CB consists of 4 levels, i.e. 0, 1, 2 and 3 %; and the second factor was the dosage of RP consists of 4 levels, i.e. 0; 25, 50 and 75 kg P2O5 per hectare.  The variables observed were the soil pH, exchangeable aluminium, the availability of P, P-uptake by plant, plant height, number of leaf, fresh weight of plant and dry weight of plant. The data collected was analyzed using Fisher and DMR-test. The results indicated that the application of 75 kg P2O5 of RP could increase soil pH, reduce exchangeable-Al, increase the availability of P in the soil, P-uptake by plant, the fresh weight and dry weight of plant. The application of 2% concentration of CB could reduce exchangeable-Al, increase the availability of P in the soil, P-uptake by plant, the fresh weight and dry weight of plant.


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