Multi-criteria based Item Recommendation Methods

Noor Ifada, Syafrurrizal Naridho, Mochammad Kautsar Sophan


This paper comprehensively investigates and compares the performance of various multi-criteria based item recommendation methods. The development of the methods consists of three main phases: predicting rating per criterion; aggregating rating prediction of all criteria; and generating the top-  item recommendations. The multi-criteria based item recommendation methods are varied and labelled based on what approach is implemented to predict the rating per criterion, i.e., Collaborative Filtering (CF), Content-based (CB), and Hybrid. For the experiments, we generate two variations of datasets to represent the normal and cold-start conditions on the multi-criteria item recommendation system. The empirical analysis suggests that Hybrid and CF are best implemented on the normal and cold-start item conditions, respectively. On the other hand, CB should never be (solely) implemented in a multi-criteria based item recommendation system on any conditions.


Collaborative Filtering; Content-based; Hybrid; Multi-criteria recommendation method

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