Struktur Komunitas dan Kelimpahan Fitoplankton di Perairan Muara Sungai Porong Sidoarjo

Indah Wahyuni Abida


This study aims to determine the community_ structure and abundance ofphytoplankton and the factors thizt affect the estuary waters Porong Sidoarjo. Method of research zs aone with descriptive method that zs ex post facto. Analysis of water samples carried out at the Laboratory of Soil and Marine Science Laboratory University Trunojoyo. From the research results indicate that the phytoplankton communzty structure in Porong River estuary waters are 2 classes of Bacillariophyceae (14 genera) and Dinophyceae (2 genera) with abundance ranginsfrom 18,07/ cells/L- 29,305 cells1L. The diversity index showed a low stability of the popu1ation with a low uniformity index so that no species dominance. Factors affecting the abunaance of phytoplankton is the brightness level of low water due to the high suspended material.

Keywords: Community structure, Phytoplankton, Porong River Estuary

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