Mohammad Alvian Adi Nugroho, M. Miftahul Hikam


The title of this research is "South China Sea Claim Dispute Settlement between ASEAN and China" The purpose of this study is to find out the role of ASEAN in efforts to resolve claims in the South China Sea.  This research is a descriptive study - analysis that focuses on secondary data. In this study data collection was carried out using the library research method, namely by reviewing several references relating to the problem in this study, as well as interviews with various sources, which were held verbally and frequently asked by informants to get more in the explanation and information about the matter. matters relating to the problems discussed in this study, data obtained from the literature both orally and in writing. territorial conflicts that occur in the South China Sea are increasingly difficult to resolve because the attitude of the Chinese government is often inconsistent with efforts to resolve conflicts offered by ASEAN. ASEAN countries still have not reached an agreement on the Code of Ethics (COC) because of the different interests of each country. ASEAN is expected to face this conflict dynamics while maintaining peace and transforming potential conflicts into potential cooperation through a number of potential peace talks.


Dispute Resolution; Conflict; Claims, ASEAN; and China.

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