Socio-Legal Approaches To The Problems of Troubled Indonesian Overseas Workers In Tanjung Pinang City

Rina Shahriyani Shahrullah, Junirmart Girsang, Suharyanto -


Tanjung Pinang City is one of the transit areas for the Troubled Indo- nesian Overseas Workers (TKIB) who are deported from Malaysia and Singa- pore. As a transit area, a number of problems and challenges faced by TKIB and relevant stakeholders in Tanjung Pinang City. This research aims to investigate the problems of TKIB and relevant stakeholders in Tanjung Pinang City.  This research adopts a socio-legal/empirical research method and all data was analyzed based on its content (a content analysis) by using the qualitative approach. The research found that the main hardship in tack- ling TKIB was related to the lack of funds to carry out the tasks and functions of the Task Force. This research argued that the House of Representative of Tanjung Pinang City (DPRD) did not have legal grounds to reject the alloca- tion funds from the City Budget for the Task Force. This research concluded that the House of Representative of Tanjung Pinang city was not familiar Arti- cle 16 (6) of Presidential Regulation No.45 of 2013 regarding Coordination of Returning Indonesian Workers which permits the allocation of funds from the City Budget to fund all expenses carry out tasks of the Task Force.


Presidential Regulation No.45 of 2013; Troubled Indonesian Overseas Workers; Tanjung Pinang.       


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