The Influence of purple sweet potato toward Fas Epitel of White Rat

M E Fitriasnani, A Nikmatul, G P Yanuaringsih, S Aminah


This study builds on proving the purple sweet potato anthocyanin can decrease the epitel Fas cell of ovariectomy of white rat expression. The research design used was true experimental with  Randomized post only control group design. The trial animal was female white rat (Rattus norvegicus) aged 9-12 weeks, weight 150-250 gram namely 30 divided into 5 groups: negative control group, positive control group and t giving group with the dose 20 mg/kg weight (A1), dose 40 mg/kg weight (A2), dose 80 mg/kg weight (A3). It is done by ovariectomy during 28 post ovariectomy then giving purple sweet potato anthocyanin during 30 days. The expression of Fas was examined by using IHC. To increase the reliability of the data was analyzed with Independent Sample T Test dan One Way Annova. The result shows that the purple sweet potato anthocyanin can decrease he Fas expression to endometrium cell epitel with the dose 40 mg/kg weight and 80 mg/kg weight significantly. It is caused the purple sweet potato anthocyanin can decrease dead cell of extrinsic. The dead cell was passed by the extrinsic ways. The finding has implication for can decrease the Fas expression of ovariectomy female white rat.

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