Identification of Body Posture of Milkfish Satay Workers Using The Rula and Owas Method

Nurfajriah Nurfajriah, Mohammad Rachman Waluyo


Manual workers are still commonly found in various work activities. Manual work done repeatedly with monotonous movements and long working time has the potential to cause work fatigue. In repetitive monotonous motion it can overload the muscles. Incorrect work posture can lead to excessive fatigue. This poor work posture is often caused by the design of work facilities that are less concerned with conformity with its users. From this study it was found that the current working method is less ergonomic because the testing with RULA and OWAS the majority of the indicators are on a scale of 4 and must be changed how its works. On milkfish management workers, refining milkfish spines, burning milkfish is a monotonous repetitive work that is not supported by appropriate facilities. Work posture with a stand and a twist and often bending. This study aims to redesign the work station to get a good work posture. designing work stations using 8.2 software jack. Work stations consisting of tables and chairs are designed with due regard to anthropometry and operator motion requirements. Design evaluation is done by evaluating the work posture using biomechanical analysis, using a toolkit analysis that includes analysis of SSP, LBA, RULA, and OWAS. Evaluation results in workers sitting with a well-built body position, the direction of the head parallel to the direction of the object subject to work, and the worker being avoided from the bending position and twist.

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