Liquid semen quality of PO cattle suplemented red fruit oil (RFO) in ringer lactate-egg yolk equlibration temperature

Nurcholis Nurcholis, S M Salamony, D Muchlis


The use of Papuan red fruit as a supplement to the extender is one solution to the high price of raw material extenders. This study was aimed to analyze the effect of the use diluents supplemented with red fruit oil (RFO) in various levels against the quality of PO cattle semen during the storage of equilibration temperature. The research was conducted in the Animal Health Laboratory of Semangga District. The method used was a factorial completely randomized design (F-CRD), 3 treatments x 3 replications and 3 factors of equilibration temperature, namely 2oC, 4oC and 6oC. This study used 4 diluent treatments, ie P0 = ringer lactate egg yolk (RL-KT), P1 = (RL-KT + 0.1 ml MBM), P2 = (RL-KT + 0.3 ml MBM). Semen is collected using an artificial vagina, shortly after the semen storage is evaluated macroscopically and microscopically. The results of the study have a significant effect (P <0.05) in treatment P0 and P1,P2 during the 48-hour equilibration time at 6oC. In conclusion, supplementation of red fruit oil (RFO) in diluents was able to maintain motility up to 68,5±1.02% at equilibration temperature.

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