Effect of Tambelo (Bactronophorus thoracites) Extract for Body Weight on Male Mice (Mus muscullus) During Physical Activity

Stenly Wairara, Sajriawati Sajriawati, Astaman Amir, Ferdinand Christianto Situmorang, Nina Maksimiliana Ginting, Merry Dawapa


Tambelo (Bactronophorus thoracites) is a marine invertebrate that lives as a mangrove borer which has decomposed. These animals by the Mimika community are known to have the potential to increase physical fitness if they have carried out excessive physical activity. Testing of compounds that have the potential to improve fitness in tambelo is not widely known. Therefore this study aims to identify the potential of tambelo extract in improving physical fitness in men carried out in vivo by using male mice test animals. In this study, the experimental animals used were male Swiss Webster mice. Mice were divided into three groups, namely the akuabidestilata and two groups treated with a dose of 1 or 3 g/kg b.w. Mice are treated with physical activity, in the form of a running test and followed by a swimming test. The parameters is body weight measured using analytical scales. The results showed the influence of tambelo extract in providing internal energy, this was indicated by the addition of body weight to the body of mice during physical activity. Based on the results of the study it can be concluded that the womb provides energy sources both internally and externally in mice during physical activity

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