Modeling for Public Sphere Optimization at Local Commercial Radio Program to Enhance Public’s Accessibility and Participation for Public Services in Indonesia

Muhtar Wahyudi, Surokim As



Radio as a broadcasting media has a strategic role in promoting improved quality of
public services. Through its interactive broadcasting program, radio media can build public
sphere where people can express and deliver their aspirations, interests, and needs. By
optimizing the sphere, radio can be an interactive media mediating public discuss from the
aspirations, needs and interests of citizens regarding quality of various types of public services
organized either by governmental or private. Interactive broadcasts between community and
public service providers are mediated by professional gatekeeper provided by management of
radio. Interactive program between citizens and providers can take place in a rational, objective,
accountable, equitable, free of domination, and solution. To build the system, particularly in
shaping healthy media sphere for interactive dialogue process, the radio management should
prepare the infrastructure and superstructure, especially information systems, technology, and
human resources regarding support the quality of broadcasting program. The system is making
in professional and has to give attention to public importance and public need based on
exciting, innovative, educate, and entertaint.

Keywords: Commercial Media, Radio Broadcasting, Public Sphere, Interactive Program, The
Public Service


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