Political Communication Channel and The Phenomenon of Political Communicators in Indonesia

Hendra Alfani



Communications is one of the most important human activity. Every time a human
communication activities in various forms and models. Communication activity shows that there
is a life that is taking place in society, where it occurs in the life of the interaction. Interactions
take place and take place because someone deliver the message in the form of certain forms
and accepted others into his target, so those messages influenced the attitudes and behaviour
of the parties in question. From the picture it looks that the object of study think that
communication takes place in a social system, is an important human activity. This issue is
becoming increasingly important in the review of political communication. Political
communication encompasses the whole of society. The study of political communication will not
be perfect when interpersonal communications do not obtain a place that is important in the
study. Although it must be admitted that most of the textbooks that discuss political
communication in the United States are more focused on the role of mass media in political
communications. Political scientists assumed that political communications including the study
object of political science because of the messages conveyed in the communication process
had political characteristics, namely with regard to power, politics, State, Government, channel,
communicators and komunikan involved in it to act in the position of them as perpetrators of
political activity. Political scientists assumed that political communication is a symptom that is
always there in every political system, as well as other social scientists who assume that social
communication is an integral part of the community.
Keywords: Communication, Politics, Channels and Communicators



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